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Easy, cheesy, tomatoey pasta? Yes please! Try this social media inspired, easy pasta dish and before you can say “TikTok” the serving bowl is empty!

Before I go any further I have an admission. I don’t have TikTok and probably never will. I’m in my 50s and it just seemed that if I did, it would be weird. I actually didn’t even know that anyone was cooking on TikTok. I first saw this recipe on Instagram, then suddenly I saw a lot of recipes on Instagram for this same exact recipe. …

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Chances are that you have never heard of Corn Relish. Corn relish is a traditional Southern condiment including the use of cooked corn kernels and is spiced with red and green bell peppers, mustard seed, and equal parts sugar and cider vinegar. There are various types of recipes for Corn Relish and may vary from region to region. I saw one recipe with flour put in it as a thickening agent. I am not doing that here as for me that would be ruining it.

Often Corn Relish is used at the table as a garnish or side dish to…

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Crumb cake is one of the simplest pastries you can make for your family or brunch. Simple, elegant and delicious! How can something so crumby be so good?

Growing up, I had a weakness for the crumb cakes sold by Hostess and Entenmann’s. Both were very decadent and always made me smile. And who could blame me? As a life long coffee drinker, coffee cake is the perfect compliment to hot coffee, with its sweet cinnamon topping and tender vanilla cake. I don’t know exactly why it never occurred to me to bake one. Not until recently, when I saw…

The book “Plenty” is a memoir that looks at new motherhood, relationships, family and surviving in the world of food. Howard also authored “Feast” in 2018

“I have more freedom when I write fiction, but my memoirs have had a much stronger impact on my readers. Somehow the ‘message’, even if I am not even aware that there is one, is conveyed better in this form.” ~

One thing that stuck me upon reading both “Feast” and “Plenty” by Hannah Howard is that the work was extremely descriptive yet, at the same time, perfectly pared down. Howard has an…'s_pudding#:~:text=By%20David%20Gilbert%20-%20Own%20work%2C%20CC%20BY-SA%203.0%2C%20https%3A//
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It’s hard to believe now, but fall and cooler temperatures are coming. When they do, try this dessert on for size. You can say I tempted you! But don’t worry, you won’t be banished from the Garden of Eaten!

When I want a quick dessert to make in the fall, I always use this recipe when I am short of funds and have some apples on hand. This is a type of dessert that I consider similar (but not the exactly) to the Pudding cake. I discovered it years ago in the 80s, then saw an example of it on…

From Crook to Cook: Platinum Recipes from Tha Boss Dogg’s Kitchen
 Book by Snoop Dogg
Photo fair use by Chronicle Books (Publisher)

I gave “From Crook to Cook” a serious read, and I loved what I saw. I think you will too! Give this cookbook your undivided attention. You will be glad you did.

I have never listened too much Snoop Dogg over the years. I remember one of his first videos when he first came on the scene, but it wasn’t anything I would normally listen to, so I thought “nice enough” but wasn’t really buying his albums. I could not deny he was a good rapper and had infectious rhymes. …

Public Domain wiht attribution to John Hain

Proust’s Questionnaire is as old as most modern magazines, but the question begs to be asked…what are YOUR answers?

Marcel Proust Character Questionnaire

The below list of questions was created by the noted French author Marcel Proust who had invented this questionnaire. These questions are frequently used in interviews, and have been used in every issue of the magazine “Vanity Fair”. After questioning friends and family with these, I was hungry for more. Now I want to turn this around to the public. Answer these questions and post them in the comments. …

Imague used under fair use laws ©

The Natural Witch’s Cookbook by Lisanna Wallance was a fun and informative cookbook. I didn’t, however, expect to be wowed by her cooking expertise. This book is worth a look!

Over the years, I’ve collected many cookbooks that were attributed to “kitchen witchery.” Sometimes these were fun tomes with seasonal recipes highlighting the Wheel of the Year. Other times they were pun-filled cookbooks that were fun but fairly unremarkable. I’ve gotten to where I’m gun-shy about reading a new cookbook that touts “kitchen magic” as I feel like I’ve seen it all. …

Photo by Berkeley, USA — Someone Needs a Haircut, CC BY 2.0,

Some information about Chia seed, the little known culinary wonder of North America. There are also three recipes that show you how to use it.

Everyone has seen images online and in magazines of chia pudding. This is an odd-looking dish that often brings to mind boba drinks or tapioca pudding. This dish however is not new and has been around for centuries, as well as chia itself, which has been a staple of South American cooking for centuries.

I, myself, am a little late to the chia party. I accidentally bought a bag of it when I was purchasing…

By Vegan Feast Catering — Cranberry Coffee Cake, CC BY 2.0,
Public Domain by Vegan Feast Catering , CC BY 2.0,

It’s peach season, and that means an overabundance of the sweet, easy-to-ripen fruit. Why not make a nice coffee cake for your family and see the smiles?

When I was a kid, my mother would treat us with a nice peach-filled coffee cake on Sundays. I was always in heaven when I would smell the peaches baking in the oven and permeating the house. Now I make variations of this recipe for my family and they love it just as much.

Coffee cake is a 17th century invention, when the European fervor for coffee was unleashed and they wanted something…


Dean Jones is a Librarian, Cookbook Reviewer, and writer. Dean lives in the SF Bay Area with his lovely wife and their six kids.

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