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Easy, cheesy, tomatoey pasta? Yes please! Try this social media inspired, easy pasta dish and before you can say “TikTok” the serving bowl is empty!

Before I go any further I have an admission. I don’t have TikTok and probably never will. I’m in my 50s and it just seemed that if I did, it would be weird. I actually didn’t even know that anyone was cooking on TikTok. I first saw this recipe on Instagram, then suddenly I saw a lot of recipes on Instagram for this same exact recipe. …

Karolina Grabowska photographer credit.

Chances are that you have never heard of Corn Relish. Corn relish is a traditional Southern condiment including the use of cooked corn kernels and is spiced with red and green bell peppers, mustard seed, and equal parts sugar and cider vinegar. There are various types of recipes for Corn Relish and may vary from region to region. I saw one recipe with flour put in it as a thickening agent. I am not doing that here as for me that would be ruining it.

Often Corn Relish is used at the table as a garnish or side dish to…

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Some information about Chia seed, the little known culinary wonder of North America. There are also three recipes that show you how to use it.

Everyone has seen images online and in magazines of chia pudding. This is an odd-looking dish that often brings to mind boba drinks or tapioca pudding. This dish however is not new and has been around for centuries, as well as chia itself, which has been a staple of South American cooking for centuries.

I, myself, am a little late to the chia party. I accidentally bought a bag of it when I was purchasing…

By Vegan Feast Catering — Cranberry Coffee Cake, CC BY 2.0,
By Vegan Feast Catering — Cranberry Coffee Cake, CC BY 2.0,
Public Domain by Vegan Feast Catering , CC BY 2.0,

It’s peach season, and that means an overabundance of the sweet, easy-to-ripen fruit. Why not make a nice coffee cake for your family and see the smiles?

When I was a kid, my mother would treat us with a nice peach-filled coffee cake on Sundays. I was always in heaven when I would smell the peaches baking in the oven and permeating the house. Now I make variations of this recipe for my family and they love it just as much.

Coffee cake is a 17th century invention, when the European fervor for coffee was unleashed and they wanted something…

Photo provided by the Author of the book Mike Slater

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Mike Slater of Red Duke Games, who wrote a wonderful and fun cook book “The Necronomnomnom” based on the writings of H. P. Lovecraft.

I purchased a copy of the book to prepare for the interview. When I received it, I was impressed. Not only was the cookbook well produced with great art design, but the content was exceptional.

I own many themed cookbooks and often they are fun but badly written. This one however, was a bold and clear breakaway from the herd. This book is full of good viable recipes, often…

By This image was taken by Kenneth Jorgensen (gallery).Please attribute this image with "Kenneth Jorgensen".An email would also be appreciated. — Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
By This image was taken by Kenneth Jorgensen (gallery).Please attribute this image with "Kenneth Jorgensen".An email would also be appreciated. — Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
Public Domain photo by Kenneth Jorgensen.

Need something quick for dinner that will be economical and down to earth? Frikadellen will fit the bill. OG Hamburgers to the rescue!

These may look like unfinished Sliders, but Frikadellen is anything but. Frikadellen is a small flat, pan-fried meatball, made of minced meat, bread crumbs soaked in milk and onions.

There are many variations of this dish throughout Europe and they are not dissimilar to many meatball variations found in restraunts. The difference is of course preparation and serving- naturally.

I enjoy making these for the family, they definitely are nice “Fast food” on a warm summer night…

My Grandmother loved Charlie Pride, had an autographed photo on the mantel.

Copywrite free photo by Corpse Reviver — Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

My life returning to martial arts after almost 40 years of inactivity has been a challenge. What is at the core of the training made all the difference to me.

I started this year feeling pretty bad. I was out of shape, no question. At 55 and nearing 56, I was a slab of wood that could not bend or flex. I had a protruding gut that looked as though I was smuggling a volleyball out of a sports store and felt like crap most of the time.

I looked at my diet (still a work in progress but in…

Mother Grains: Recipes for the Grain Revolution Hardcover. by Roxana Jullapat., (2021) W. W. Norton & Company., (352 pages)

Mother Grains is a lovely cookbook for so many reasons. I write a lot of cookbook reviews, many of them are positive, so why is this one different? The answer is this: The research.

The biggest reason to purchase this cookbook was the time put in by the the author. Roxana Julipat is someone who knows what she is doing and loves the food that she was writing about.

My baking section of my home library is full of cookbooks that feature recipes that were made to include grains other than wheat. This is not unique. Unfortunately, most of the…

Public Domain by Sonabona — File:Kookoo-sabzi.jpg (Version of 20:07, 25 February 2011), CC0,

This variation on the Frittata and Omelet imbues the egg dish with the flavors of spring and summer. A mainstay of the middle eastern Deli, this might become a go-to in your home after trying it.

I’ve lived in many cities that had small Delis or Bodegas that you could get a cup of coffee in on the way to work. In many of these delis they would normally have a display case up top with some cold items on display to purchase à la carte. It would be Quiche slices, Pastia or more often Kuku. I didn’t know what…


Dean Jones is a Librarian, Cookbook Reviewer, and writer. Dean lives in the SF Bay Area with his lovely wife and their six kids.

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